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Having grown up surrounded by Christian ministry and being former missionaries themselves, the Corbins place a very high value on authenticity and trust. Todd says, “If people can’t believe what I say to be the truth and coming from a genuine place in my heart, then I’ve given them nothing.” Along with that, the Corbins have a tremendous passion for serving people, and they have devoted their lives to that end. In Todd’s words, “God has given so much to and for me. I want to pay it forward by being the hands and feet of Jesus and pour into others any way I can.” So, trust and a passion for serving others are the pillars upon which this business was built.

At Integrity Investment Solutions, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” philosophy. We are all unique beings with varying desires and needs. That is why with all 3 of our categories of service, we strive to listen to your story to learn your specific needs and goals. Then, together with you, we will devise a plan to address those needs in a way and on a timeline that works best for you. These things are what set us apart from the others.

Our team brings more than 15 years of experience to each of the services of our business. We are people who love and serve God, and in turn, have hearts to serve others. We highly value humility, transparency, and integrity. When you put your trust in us, we aim to maintain that trust by delivering on our promises. At Integrity Investment Solutions, you are seen; you are heard; you are valued.


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Service oriented


Personalized investment plans with terms that work best for your goals


Integrity Investment Solutions is dedicated to empowering individuals and revitalizing communities through secure real estate investments. We strive to provide better and more innovative financial opportunities while building a brighter future for investors, partners, and the neighborhoods we serve.


To be a leading force in transforming lives and communities through innovative real estate investment solutions. We envision a future where financial opportunities are accessible to all, and our commitment to integrity, excellence, and community impact remains unwavering.


Integrity Investment Solutions is built on unwavering values that define who we are and how we operate. We are committed to:


Upholding the highest ethical standards, transparency, and honesty in all business interactions with partners, investors, and the community.


Empowering individuals to achieve financial growth and stability through fixed high returns on their investments secured by real estate.

Community Impact

Contributing positively to the communities we serve by revitalizing neighborhoods and increasing home values.


Embracing innovative approaches to create better and wiser investment opportunities for our clients, as well as finding creative solutions for distressed homeowners and potential buyers who aren’t mortgage ready.


Educating and guiding our clients in creative ways to leverage their assets and the power of private lending for long-term financial success.


Fostering solid relationships with our investors and stakeholders to achieve shared goals.

Social Responsibility

Demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility and giving back to society.

These values form the essence of our firm, guiding us in our journey to meaningfully impact the lives of our clients and the communities that we serve.

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At Integrity Investment Solutions, we offer investment options that have fixed high interest rates for your peace of mind. Our team, led by Todd Corbin, is comprised of real estate investors with 15 years of experience, and is committed to providing professional guidance and education every step of the way. Aspiring homeowners can become mortgage-ready with our lease option program within 24 months! Beyond the individual benefits for our investors and the homeowners we serve, our commitment to investing into the broader community also ensures that we rehabilitate neighborhoods and transform the home values in our surrounding cities. Choose integrity investment solutions for a brighter, more prosperous future for you and your family and in doing so, join us in helping serve distressed communities.

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