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We use the money that is loaned to us from our private lenders to purchase distressed properties that we can rehab enabling that updated property to serve the community in several ways. We bring a variety of solutions to distressed homeowners; bring beauty and increased housing values to the neighborhood, but also, at integrity investment solutions, we seek to help prospective buyers who can’t get a mortgage. In today’s economy, nearly 80% of people can’t qualify for a mortgage. That is a sad fact, and something we can help solve. Through our lease option program, we offer these very people a way to move into the home they would like to purchase, by giving them up to 24 months to become mortgage-ready, all while living in their dream home. If needed, we will enroll the prospective buyers into a reputable credit repair company we partner with, to get them where they need to be. And, on top of that, Integrity Investment Solutions pays for the credit repair program for these people. During that 24 month period, we are under contract with the tenants not to sell the house to anyone else during that time.

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Capital Protection

At Integrity Investment Solutions, we prioritize capital protection as a fundamental aspect of our investment approach. Our strategic investment solutions are designed to safeguard your investments while offering competitive fixed interest rates. Focusing on secure real estate investments and thorough risk management, we give you peace of mind and confidence in your financial future.

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Direct Involvement

We believe in direct involvement and transparency at every stage of your investment journey. As your trusted partner, our Integrity Investment Solutions team ensures that you clearly understand our investment strategies, and we value your participation and feedback throughout the process. Our collaborative approach allows you to witness the progress of your investments and be actively involved in the growth of your financial portfolio.

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Arbitrage options

IIS is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Our clients learn about various options available to them with private lending. Finding funds to invest is not limited to liquid capital or retirement accounts. There are ways to strategically leverage your assets to get you the maximum return on what you own. If the numbers make sense to leverage an asset, we can help them do that, all while making sure their interests are addressed properly.

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